Legal Risk

Many small and medium enterprises (SME) have faced a lot of risk in running of business. The most well known risks involve breach of contract unpaid invoices, bad debt and infringement of trade marks and copy rights. Other kinds of risk may be oversighted and bring adverse impact to the profit or reputation of the SMEs, if those risks are not handled properly and promptly.



Be aware of below legal risk :

♥         Employee Compensation due to Injury of Employee at Work the amount of compensation is regulated by law and the employer has statutory duties under the law in compensation.

♦         Common Law Damages due to Injury of Employee at Work the employee can sue the employer after receipt of employee compensation under the Common Law and further claim a larger amount of compensation.

♠          Legal Compliance with Equal Opportunity the employer has statutory duties in complying with the law related to equal opportunity on sex, disability, race and family status.

♥          Legal Compliance with Personal Data Privacy SMEs have the duty to comply with the requirements and six principles under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in relation to the personal data of their employees and customers.

♦          Legal Compliance with Internet Law in Hong Kong SMEs have to comply with the various kinds of Internet Law with use of computers in relation to electronic contract, copy rights of software being used, liability for E-(mis)information and misuse of computers.