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Grants where two or more persons entitled in same degree

Rule 25 of Non-Contentious Probate Rule states that :   (1) A grant may be made to any person entitled thereto without notice to any other persons entitled in the same degree.   (2) A dispute between persons entitled to a grant in the same degree shall be brought by...
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Order of priority for grant in case of intestacy

Rule 21 of Non-Contentious Probate Rule states that :   Where a person dies wholly intestate, the persons having a beneficial interest in the estate shall be entitled to a grant to administration in the following order of priority, namely : (i) the surviving spouse or the surviving partner or...
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Grant Application

Death with a will If the Deceased left a Will, it is the executor who applys for the application of Grant which is a court order authorising the executor to administer the Deceased’s estate according to the directions in the Will. The order is called Probate. Death without a will...
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