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The value of will

The following persons have some similarity in their lives, do you know ?   John Denver – American singer Martin Luther King Jr. – American human rights activist Roman Tam – Hong Kong singer   Answer : They all have no wills when they passed away.   Some people argue...
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The signature of will (Note 1)

Will should be signed by the testator. Signature of testator A will may be signed by the testator with his name, initials or mark. Incomplete signature   A signature left incomplete owing to weakness has been accepted.   Signature with a dry pen   Re-execution by the testator going over...
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The validity of will

The validity of will is governed by the provisions in Wills Ordinance, Cap.30. Section 4 states the age : No will made by a person who has not attained full age shall be valid. Full age means 18 years of age. Section 5 states signing and witnessing of a will...
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