Powers, Rights, Duties and Obligations of Personal Representatives

Personal representative of the deceased’s property has been vested with powers, rights, duties and obligations. Part V of Probate And Administration Ordinance states in details : Section 54 states power of personal representative to dispose of deceased’s property; Section 55 states purchase by personal representative of deceased’s property;   Section...
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Probate – Caveats

Rule 44 of Non-Contentious Probate Rules states that : Any person who wishes to ensure that no grant is sealed without notice to himself may enter a caveat in the Probate Registry. The caveat shall remain in force for 6 months....
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Intestate Estate Succession

The Intestates’ Estates Ordinance, Cap 73) came into force on 7th October 1971 and sets out details of the people who will share in the estate of a person who dies intestate after that date.   Before the Ordinance was enacted in 1971, succession to the estate of a Chinese...
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